Oh no, I’m not in the Lehigh Valley, can we still have a session?

You bet! I photograph pets throughout Eastern PA and parts of NJ. I am located in Allentown and will travel up to 30 miles free of charge. Anywhere further will incur an additional fee. If you’re not sure, please ask. I’m sure we can work something out!

My dog off leash? No way!

Fooled you! Most of my subjects ARE on a leash when I’m photographing them! I remove leashes after the fact in photoshop! I’ve been using photoshop for over 15 years now and have learned a thing or two. Most times, having dogs off leash is illegal. I won't allow even the best dogs off leash! I think keeping your dog on leash isn’t a bad thing – in an open area it’s safer for everyone.

My dog doesn’t listen/won’t sit still/won’t look at the camera

Whose dog does? No problem, this is when my experience really pays off. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve. The key is to remain calm. Patience is more than a virtue in pet photography! Many dogs I’ve photographed came with the label “most difficult to photograph” but if you are working with a pro, it’s all relative. So far, I haven’t met a pet I couldn’t create beautiful images of. Except maybe my own dog...still a challenge every day!

Can I be in some of the photos?

Of course you can! I encourage it! Having a portrait with your best pal is irreplaceable. Even if you are bashful, I can incorporate you without you being the focus. Just let me know in advance that you’d like to be included and I’ll give you some ideas for what to wear on the big day.

My pet is ill and has little time left. Can you fit him into your shooting schedule?

Absolutely! Seniors and cases of failing-health are always fit into the schedule. These are what we refer to as our Remembrance sessions. With a Remembrance session, we will do whatever we can to fit you into the schedule and take whatever time is needed to capture images that honor your pet’s life and his/her bond with you. Because of my own loss of past best friends that cross the Rainbow Bridge too soon without having taken portraits, I give Remembrancee sessions priority over all others on the shooting schedule.

Can I buy the digital files of the photos from my shoot?

We share the social media files when you purchase products (because you are going to want to show your friends!). We do NOT sell high resolution digital files. You are investing in photography and will value the images we create together. Part of my job is helping you keep those memories off of your hard drive and onto your wall!

Where do we shoot?

I have a wealth of dog friendly locations we can shoot at. But I am 100% open to new location ideas or even potentially in your home! This is all something that we will discuss in our initial phone call.

I love your photography but don't have a dog...

Let's photograph! While my main focus is animals, I still love photographing a family and children. Call or email me! The process is all the same =]

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